Easy Access to functions

  • Hello R.,

    First, Congrats, OB2 looks very beautiful.

    Second, i was wondering if it is possible to have access to other functions within the block Function or Parse ...


    • Block Parse UnixTime ==> change unixtime to normal Date
    • _____________ String ==> change to Upper/Lower/B64,Hex.. encode or decode


  • Admin

    Hi, I'm probably not going to update OB1 anymore but I will take them into consideration for OB2. It would be best if you could open an issue on github thanks.

  • i don't need to open an issue, because i'm talking about OB2

    best regards

  • Admin

    I'm still taking stuff from issues in order to know what to fix. I'm not just making a new program, I'm also fixing most of the issues OB1 had.

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