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Resending info after post.

  • Hello guys so I've used the numeric option(<CODE>) and used a list of numbers.
    Now my question is instead of making every bot connect from the start to the stage where it actully checkes the numbers is there a way to post once(the bot will remember and just try to repost on the last stage)
    This is how it works :
    it logins to my account > gets to the next page > and trying to post a number from the list > now what I'm doing is running 200 bots on the same info so it keeps login to my account and then try the number but i want to skip the attempt of login in with every bot is this possible?

  • Admin

    Log in via browser and copy the cookies of your session, then simply add those cookies to the request where you post the <CODE>

  • @Ruri

    Well I copied the whole thing and posted in custom cookies but it doesnt recognize me , Is there a certain way this needs to be done?

    edit: I got it thank you very much!

  • Well, yes you can. On the post data, put your "own" credentials, so it doesn't retry to login everytime using a wordlist. Or you can post the cookie session in Custom Cookies.
    To do the number thing you're asking for on your "own account" use the Function block and use the same variable as the CODE's variable you're using with the Constant option. So the bot will do everything automatically and there will be no need for any extra wordlist.

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