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    Here is a bonus from my guide on csrf token and today we are going to talk about Regex (Regular expressions).
    Regular expressions allow you to identify in a text, subsets respecting a particular pattern. I would like to tell you that REGEX is not a language.
    To better understand I put you a tutorial in English, French and Arabic:



    In this case, we could simply do an LR but I’m going to show you how we do it in REGEX

    Now I'm going to do the OB part:
    So here we launch our request and we get a token csrf
    After its Create a new block then PARSE then Mod REGEX
    So: Add a new block ---> PARSE ---> Regex mode
    and look for csrf

    Then you pretend that you want to parse a csrf token LR except that you put everything in regex and also you put in output [1] because it's not a full match it's a group [0] for full match

    Now we are really going to use REGEX:
    So we have that <meta name="csrf-token" content="">

    To have the content of this we need to use metacharacters symbol Regex

    The point -----> . <----- Period indicates any character
    The star ----->*<-----Indicates 0, 1 or more occurrences of the previous character or class

    All this in parentheses (. *) So that its performs both


    We parse our csrf token in regex mode its works with any time you put the symbols


    If the Output is [0]


    His takes exactly as tight as [1] his takes by group

    Hope you understood and that I was precise


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    I would also recommend this site
    which helped me a lot when i started learning reg. expressions. You can test your regex there and even debug it

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    Yes I know this tools I completely forgot the mention thank you to you! @Itamai

  • My favourite go-to site is:

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