Ultimate Guide Parse CSRF Token level 3 Cookies

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    Welcome to this third part very fast and very easy to understand if you followed my previous guides today I will show you how to parse a Csrf token in cookies.

    Without further ado, we start with a GET request to request the opening of the page and retrieve the Csrf that is linked

    After that we create a new Parse block for my part I named it "CSRF" and in the line.
    Parse: <COOKIES>
    We put ourselves in Cookies since our token is located in Cookies
    So I repeat normally there is mark <SOURCE> you put <COOKIES>


    After that you start then go to Data we can see our _csrf


    After that we complete the left string and the right string normally its should not be a problem we already do it in the previous tutorial then here we are parse our csrf token !

    I hope that I was clear it is the end of its 3 guides apart if I make bonuses or then I change the type of tutorial and I pass in the Login I would see because there are many things to say on the block parse especially with the recursive mode, regex, json, css selectors I will see maybe I will do another one after I would come back to that


  • Or you can just avoid parsing cookies and use this in headers or in payloads.
    <COOKIES(cookie name)>
    In this example it would be like this.

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    Yep @Phantom

  • @Why001 it would be much better if u explain with regex since many people dont understand it, not saying on tokens or cookies

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    Yes I think I will soon approached the subject thank you for your constructive comments @Phantom

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    i want 2 parse 1 csrf but site has 5 csrf but i want 2 parse 1 st one what can i do @WHY001

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    @jamescob7 Come private and show me

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    nord search no find csrf

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    @i-IS-WHO I don't have the right to help you for this

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