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    I have a config running with proxies to 200 bots and it gives me a low CPM. I do not know if it is a question of the quality of the proxies, what happens that in status continuously indicates ERROR IN BLOCK: REQUEST until it is processed again later. Is there any way to improve that CPM goes faster?

  • Hey,
    I will give you my opinion already yes you are right it depends on the quality of your proxies if they are Free or HQ. Also you have configs which do not support a lot of BOT so you may have overloaded your config. what i mean?

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    The truth is that the proxies are free (socks4 type) and I got them a few days ago but with this certain config it is the one that goes to a low CPM. I'm going to check if they still work today and update them to see if speed improves.

  • Ah I don't really know so maybe it's your type of proxies

  • Error in Block requests means that the connection didn't go through somehow, and it's your proxies's fault.

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    @al0ne its most of the time proxy but not always.
    I know also these two additional errors:
    host name is wrong
    site is down at the moment or site processing the requests very slow(= timeout error. In the options you can change how many seconds the bot should wait)

    There are prop more errors but these are in my opinion the most common ones 😄

  • @Itamai Yea I know, it just needs some basic logic to understand but I don't think that the site is down in this case. There may be some timeout error in his proxies or the requests timed out.

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