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Issues connecting to a URL using OB

  • Hello, I'm experiencing an issue where I can't connect to a http server using OB with the same link that I get on my http debugging tool. This is the error code I recieve:


    I'm sending these requests from the same IP as the one used for my HTTP sniffer, with the same headers etc.


    I am using Windows 10 with OB v1.4.4, I also got a friend to run it on his machine and he receives the same error code.

    PS: In case this is tagged as illegal

  • There is no OB 1.4.4. - at least no official one.

    But anyway.
    Maybe you have to problem, cause you forgot the com on the domain?

  • @meinname Ah, I just realised I'm using the Anomaly plugin version. I do still get the same error though, even if i put the .com part in


    Edit: I just realised I made a mistake with the location when I added the .com, looks like it was a newbie error lol. Thanks for the help!

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