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Help with making a Config with Mobile app

  • Hello, I would like to learn how I to make a config using mobile apps via the iPhone.
    on a non Jailbreak if possible. I tried to use "Charles Proxy" but could not get it set up right I would keep getting disconnected from the wifi. any tips would be really helpful thank you in advance.

  • In charles enable the transparent proxy option, then you must put as a rule capture requests . , to capture all ips of all ports.
    Install the certificate on your machine.
    Get the local IPV4 from your machine and use it as a proxy on iphone, IPV4:8888
    And then install the certificate on your phone through
    On flidder the configuration of this is much simpler, has tab on their own site, hopefully have helped.

    It is worth remembering that not all apps will appear captures, some even block when they notice the monitoring.

  • some apps requires ssl pinning not sure how to do it in iphone.

  • Fiddler is a much better option for iOS requests guys....

    and THIS ->
    is the perfect tutorial to get you running.

  • use fiddler my friend ☺ it was hard at first but its doable

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