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Need To Delay Source

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    Recently I Faced A Problem I Hope Someone Here Can Help Me Getting Over It .. In My Config I'm Sending A Request That It Gives A Recieved Source After That It Redirect To Another Page And I Can See It In The HTML View Is There A Possible Way To Make The Config Capture The Source Of The Redirected Page Not The Original One
    Example :
    Please Wait While Redirecting You <--- The Config Captures This Source
    After That It Redirects And Give Me The Page I Needed To Capture It's Source

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  • I get you. In the request headers, the url you are trying to capture source from, is shown as parameter string sometimes.

    Also it must also be in referer or origin. But to be more correct, look at the requests going through using a web debugger. I am sure you will find the url you were asking.
    PM and I will send you a config which matches your case

    Look at the urls, if they have any value to be parsed or at the request headers, which give you proper access as a "human" to the redirect URL. Because there may be some measure to prevent robots.

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