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I need help to parse from below Html.

  • Hello, please i need help to capture in parse "Account Type" from below Html.

    <!-- accountType -->
        <div class="editable " id="profileAccountType" field="accountType">
            <div class="display">
                <span class="lineLabel">Account Type</span>
                <span class="attribute bold">
                        <button style="margin-left: 24px;" class="" id="redirectBilling">Upgrade Account</button>
            <div class="editor">
                <span class="cancelEdit"></span>
                <span class="lineLabel">Account Type</span>
                <span class="labelCurrent">FREE</span>
                <span class="fields">
                    <ul class="tableView">
                            <div class="data">
                                <span class="">Your account type is FREE</span>
                            <div class="info"></div>
                            <div class="data">
                                <div class="buttons">  
                                    <button class="cancelEdit">Close</button>

    i tried on Regex this: <span class="lineLabel">Account Type</span>\s+<span(.*)">
    but doesnt work for me i actaully am new to openbullet if someone can guide me to the right solution i will be gratefull all i wanted is to capture the account-type Free or upgraded thankyou

  • try with CSS parsing like this here:

  • You can use regex as well.

    PARSE "<SOURCE>" REGEX ">Account Type<\\/span>\\s*<span.*bold\">\\s*((?:\\S|\\s(?!\\s))*)\\s*<button" "[1]" CreateEmpty=FALSE -> CAP "Account Type" 

  • thankyou guys for those solutions but unfortunatelly i can not solve this becuase of the cloudflare on my target thankyou again!!

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