encoding password

  • hi
    i want to know if any value like password be encoded in post request,how can i find what is that hashed type?? (if searched in google and no result)

    i found this :

    d = $("input[name=password]");
    c = d.val();
    c = StringTool.Utf8.encodeToUtf8Bytes(c);
    c = WebAuthnys.encodeListKeyStr(c, Application.passwordKey);
    $("input[name=passwordEncoded]").val("b64:" + StringTool.Base64.encodeToBase64Bytes(c)),

    so if i want use it how can i use it as js to it encode my password value?

  • Admin

    No you can't because i'm pretty sure WebAuthnys isn't part of the standard set of functions

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