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Need Help! ASAP Luminati Proxies Not Working on OpenBullet

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    Hello, please fix openbullet luminati proxies not working, its not even processing, No CPM at all, tested with working config

    Of course i tried the LPM first it doesnt even work with neither http nor https...

    I also tried the copy paste thing too
    I checked regular expressions first then find ^ in sublime text & replace with (http) also not working. Why it doesn't checks ?

    I somehow switch config cuz i thought my config api was changed or dead
    but when i used another config same thing happens.

    Ps. my config works with any public socks4, or sslproxies24 so don't blame my config

    its the OPEN BULLET fault here...

    I currently have the Static residential proxies, or do i need to swap back to DATA CENTER PROXIES. will it work then ?

    @Ruri please reply asap.

    I also tested all OpenBullet original version and even Anomally modded version

    If you fixed me right now @administrators i'll donate $50 BTC right away ( 😞 thats all i have fifty.. sorry)

    none of them works. please help me out

  • @Ruri take your time

  • Hi i used them last week they work is your proxy ip:port:user:pass?

  • Admin

    Just tried and authed proxies work fine. Must be a problem on your end.

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