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Random Delay Amount

  • Random Delay Amount

    hi, I've been trying to randomize my delay times on a selenium project I've been working on. I've been attempting to circumvent the automation detection, which incase activates a ReCaptcha or other sort of verification that is needed.

    #DELAY FUNCTION Delay "3000 " 

    randint(2000, 7000), 3000-7000

    I thought in order to circumvent the detection I could add randomized delays between each interval. Sadly I am unsure of how to do that. Is there a possibility to have a random delay amount? If so, how?

    Thanks, Landal

  • Donator

    there is a function called randomnumber use that as your first block to create a random number from the range you want and give it a variable name after that put the variable in the input string textfield in your function delay block

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