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Selenium Issue - 2

  • I made several selenium configs with Anomaly mod of OB before, Now I decided to switch them all to Official OB but I realized there is a problem:

    When I test it on config editing page, it works without a problem but when I set it with a runner on 20 or even 1 bots it just doesn't work. In fact in goes the whole process but when it reaches the final KeyCheck it just returns "retry"

    Double checked the configurations and all where fine even made it from scratch again

    • works fine on anomaly
    • Doesn't work on Official OB 1.1.5#384 (only on runner form, works fine on config test page)
    • Doesn't work on Official OB 1.2.2#690 (only on runner form, works fine on config test page)

    Also tried followings:

    1. This config uses <USER> and <PASS> variables so I added them in "Environment.ini"
    2. Updated chromedriver.exe
    3. Copied "chromedriver.exe" from another working OB
    4. Unchecked headless mode and still the same

    My settings:

    1. Proxy Source = File (proxy file gets updated using another application)
    2. Browser Type = Chrome
    3. Headless Mode = checked
    4. Draw Mouse Movement = checked
    5. Use Proxy = ON
    6. Config Settings - Always quit browser at the end = checked
    7. Config Settings - Use random user agent = checked



  • Admin

    Shouldn't this be a github issue instead of a thread?

  • Donator

    @masterchief can you send me the config via dm? Would like to test and debug the problem.

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