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Ultimate Guide Parse CSRF Token level 2 Problematic parsing

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    Welcome to this second part of the Ultimate Guide Parse CSRF Token today we're going to take care of a somewhat problematic token.

    1)In this case I have 2 token the first token allows is a simple token while the second one with value = 1 it allows that the page does not expire.

    2)I'll start by parse the one with the name = return

    I intentionally left the "" so that the software does not confuse the two tokens because it starts the same check the data <input type = "hidden" name = you have to do your own to extract it properly because otherwise everything will get mixed up

    3)We continue our token1 by the way I forgot to give it a name in Var / cap Name: I will call it token1

    3a)We parse our first token cleanly and without the second this mixing with the first.Watch how I did for the parse token 1 instead of <SOURCE> I put <token1> so that Open bullet goes inside and I have more to do

    left string: "
    right string: "

    4)Now we will have to extract the second token.

    This time I am staying in the source but I put in left string <token1> Why did I do that?
    Simply so that the <token1> does not appear and annoys us and in the right string I set value = "1" express to switch on the second token
    So look we don't have the value 1 but we have the second token as I wanted

    5)Now we redo the same favored first token to isolate

    6)Here we isolated two tokens that merge in Parse

    7)Bonus: This is what is gotten through if i would normally isolate my tokens look at token 2 what's going on I've captured it so you can snap
    it takes back the first one and does not isolate the second one because they are confused

    I hope you understood correctly


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