Combining List Vars

  • lets say i have 3 list vars
    order: [x,y,z]
    date: [a,b,c]
    items: [1,2,3]
    i want to join them as
    1st order: name=x, date=a, items=1
    2nd order: name=y, date=b, items=2
    3rd order: name=z, date=c, items=3
    i know its can be done with utilities but idk how

  • Admin

    First of all, when you parse them, add a prefix like for order it would be:
    prefix: name= and suffix , so it will come out as name=x,.
    Same for the others.
    Then use UTILITY -> Zip between the 2 lists (order and date) and again between the result and "items".


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