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Anyone can help me fix recaptcha issue thanks

  • i have the same response when i try not idea what's wrong :
    with proxies and without ! Big Thanks

  • Admin

    What service are you using? And make sure your hosts file under system32/drivers/etc is not dirty

  • Hello Ruri big pleasure you replied Thanks i use 2captcha and tried with OB 1.0.0/Anom 1.4.4 same problem

  • Admin

    Have you made sure your hosts file doesn't make loopback on

  • Not idea how to check and set up properly try to learn i was waiting someone to help me via Teamview but kind of bagging still not possible to get help looking videos seem so easy !

  • Admin

    I just told you where the file is located

  • Thanks Ruri i downloaded your OB here still not easy " hosts file under system32/drivers/etc" must be in cmd the change if not wrong already i made mess with Fiddler and certificates before and i gave up !
    found this link not sure if good :
    Sorry i wish to learn this step and cloudflare !

  • Admin

    I don't think I understood. Can you show the contents of your hosts file?

  • Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.

    This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.

    This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each

    entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should

    be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.

    The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one


    Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual

    lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.

    For example: # source server # x client host

    localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. localhost

    ::1 localhost

  • Admin

    Ok looks good, no lines about 2captcha. Can you now try using a VPN service to change your ip address and see if 2captcha still says ip not allowed? If you don't own a VPN, ProtonVPN is free.

  • Okay i try now i have Vpn thanks

  • i did used UK ip vpn same issue :
    <--- Executing Block SOLVE CAPTCHA --->
    [TwoCaptcha] Balance: $2.37127
    Could not create the captcha task! ERROR_IP_NOT_ALLOWED
    if i use proxy i get UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE SERVER

  • Admin

    Ok on the official 2captcha site i found this


    So log in to your 2captcha account and go to and either disable ip limitation or add your current IP to the list. Done.

  • Wow i try soon and let you know seem can be the fix long time struggling Thanks very appreciate Respect !

  • Thanks i did change seem to work now so happy 🙂
    Calculated header: Content-Length: 5192
    <--- Executing Block SOLVE CAPTCHA --->
    [TwoCaptcha] Balance: $2.37127
    Parsed variable | Name: CAPTCHAID | Value: 63890340173

    Parsed variable | Name: SOLUTION | Value: 03AGdBq24jrhIlMoe8E2DojxjFdqsmNDnNqcBVm060aLyWofbwYnwYHG1M3tmSXOSRGxns6h2TDvlIu4q9sFNl5L-RCMttLiUu20IxSudmZZ_1Kwb6qm1rkWdN3jGftYHxKeq1L3C6sDa328ptyjOtZw9YSLZ7xxOhYpwAK1JPadMo9s8zuAdzKoKujfAan6nxsPIuNkoQbWv6vnS1-c8wmBTJkIg0tKblIgBCovKvm7nZgPHtclLYEimemwFF5dm75Gl--Hue5ZTwiPb1Y81Yzyzc8wOPjYDQn6CC9cRD49fPFobKMcqFpU_ZS1ROjNPLFbhgnIJNPqJsIEVcKDifZmThF0pb3qU62-pM_729ra8Kuuw9ThUG1SOMuqOE6ClWX97quVgpk2hktDCqPDeFQIqWP_ZcbVi8Xg

  • Thanks to your precious advice i can try to enjoy making some configs with recaptcha hopefully will work cloudflare too now !
    Thanks Again

  • making some try with a site wit recaptcha worked good i parsed some cookies as well but not idea the problem if i use 2nd block Post say : Cannot display this page as you do not have access rights.
    if i use 2nd block Get doesn't login
    Maybe i did start with a not so easy one now i send screenshot
    ![alt text](imag

    • [list item](![link url](image url))e url)NINTENDO.png

  • Looking for help can't find out why not possible login with POST Block if i use GET i have this response :
    Cannot display this page as you do not have access rights.

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