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protobuf error

  • Donator

    Hey, everybody, I've got a mistake with the protobuf,

    I've been following rurali's instructions, but I have a problem,

    I have analyzed the content to send and the values normally fix in the Raw, but sometimes the fix values change depending on the data sent.

    In my pictures you can see that it's the (.) that changes HEX when I change the data to send.
    It's not about the length of the data you sent?

    Screen 1
    alt text

    Screen 2
    alt text

    thanks you

  • Admin

    Hello, as I said in the guide this was a really hacky way to use protobuf without implementing a proper serializer. I will try to implement a good serializer in OB2 so this problem won't be there anymore.

  • Donator

    @Ruri No problem 🙂 Thank you for your work. It's huge ^^

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