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Update 1.2.2 Changelog

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    Hello everyone,

    this will be the third crowdfunded update of OpenBullet. If you want to read the motivations behind this, please refer to this thread.

    I will list all the features and fixes that have been already developed and ready for release once the goal is met. I hope everyone will try to contribute this time if OpenBullet helped them achieve their goal, so it's not always the same few people donating to keep the project alive.


    New stuff:

    • CaptchaSharp library (already on nuget, I will make the repository public when the goal is met). It's a .NET Standard library you can use in your own projects as well, and it basically implements the APIs of the major captcha solver services in a very organized and documented way. The library will support the following captcha types:

    Text (with language options)
    Image (with options like phrase, case sensitivity, calculations, language etc.)
    ReCaptcha V2 (invisible too) and V3

    Coverage by the most important solving services is as follows:


    • CAPTCHA and RECAPTCHA blocks have been deprecated, and in their place I added 2 new blocks: SOLVECAPTCHA and REPORTCAPTCHA. The first one is an implementation of the previously mentioned library, so you can solve all the types of captchas I described above, while the 2nd one is for reporting bad captchas and get your credit back.

    • HCaptcha support for the CFBYPASS block.

    Issues that have been coded and tested:
    A list of all issues can be found here


    • New option to send hits to a text file instead of the database to avoid corruption.
    • Fixed the sorting by Last Modified date in the Config Manager.

    As you can see most of the work went into creating the captcha library, it took 1 week of work to write, we did some serious testing (which was exhausting cause, ya know, captchas take a looong time to test) to ensure you will have no trouble using it and we're proud of the results.
    Please understand that I didn't fix many issues because a huge part of those will be fixed directly in OpenBullet 2, so I prefer spending more time coding OB2 than having to fix issues on OB1 and then port them again to OB2. As I previously stated in an announcement, I plan to keep working hard on OB2 so I can't give a date for the next update to the current version.

    DISCLAIMER: Remember that all of this will be pushed as open source code, so you don't have any priviledge for donating other than helping the project stay alive.

    Thanks for your support!
    The OpenBullet team (Ruri, demiurgo and meinname).

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