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The runner of the OpenBullet doesnt move at all, is stocked at 0% percent... what could be?

  • Hello there people! i have this issue whit my friend, hope someone could help me out.

    We are testing the security of my friends web.

    The thing is that i have a config setted that works great on the stacker, also he has recaptcha on the site and i use CapMonster to solve it., but when i start the runner, the percent of the runner is just stocked at 0% percent, doesnt move at all, what could be? im using premium proxies !

    Maybe that my ports are closed? that could be? idk first time using this tool. Thanks.


  • Admin

    Have you tried setting a proxy in the debugger and see if it still works?

  • @Ruri Yes i did that too and works !

    A lot of retries and thats it, just the percent in 0!

  • Admin

    That is really weird. Ports are not a problem, the only thing that comes to mind is to make everything go to TOCHECK in the config and enable the bot log in settings, so when they go to the tocheck tab in your hits you can right click and select view full log and see what happened

  • @Ruri Oh wait ! i get BOT STATUS : BAN whit proxy on the debugger.

    I will check out the things you just tould me !

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