How to loop on a LIST variable

  • @Ruri thanks worked 😉

  • Is there a way to do this multithreaded ?
    In example, my scraped list contains 50 Id's and I want to loop these with multiple threads to speed it up.

  • Admin

    Uhm not really no, but it might be a good idea for a new command ^_^

  • Good Afternoon all,

    So i have a variable list named Singer Area 1950 - 2000 with all the singers in it. A lot of them comes up very often.
    Is it possible to extract this variable to separate like a specific Singer per List.

    Example Singer Area 1950 - 2000 : AAAA-1950,BBBB-1955,CCCC-1960,AAAA-1950,BBBB-1955,CCCC-1960,


    Year 1950: AAAA-1950,AAAA-1950 etc.
    Year 1955: BBBB-1955,BBBB-1955 etc.

    I tried with the above code but nothing happens. Any help will be very much appreciated.

  • Admin

    SET VAR "TOSPLIT" "AAAA-1950,BBBB-1955,CCCC-1960,AAAA-1950,BBBB-1955,CCCC-1960"
    UTILITY Variable "TOSPLIT" Split "," -> VAR "SINGERS" 
    UTILITY List "SINGERS" RemoveValues DoesNotContain "1950" -> VAR "1950" 
    UTILITY List "SINGERS" RemoveValues DoesNotContain "1955" -> VAR "1955" 
    UTILITY List "SINGERS" RemoveValues DoesNotContain "1960" -> VAR "1960" 

    @Hakka next time please open a separate thread as this was a completely separate issue, not related to the thread.

  • Hu Ruri...Point noted...My excuse for that...I too over the code and it gives me a syntax error with the message that the code is invalid List action...

  • Admin

    @Hakka if it tells you that, it means you are on an older version of OB. Please use latest 1.2.2

  • Hello @Rury,
    This script runs each word on the wordlist (source) through the LIST variables (on a txt file).
    If we have 10 words/rows in the wordlist and 2 strings in the LIST variable (lets say two urls), it runs the first word through the two urls, then it goes to the second word, until the 10th word.
    What if the we want to do it the other way around (without switching the files)?: run the hole wordlist source through the first url on the LIST variable (without stopping) and then go to the second LIST variable.

  • Admin

    @karlanga OB is not designed to do that. Maybe see if you can build your wordlist accordingly to prepare it to use the correct data for each time the config runs.

  • @Ruri Can I make something loop/repeat x times?

  • @helpingthehelper

    Why do you ask here and then reply at random other topics that you found it out.
    And even open a new topic just to tell everyone that you found out (without any further explaination).

    So i gonna delete your Spam on the other Topics and you get a ban for 5 days.

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