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Need help !

  • I'm not really experienced regarding the whole config making in Open Bullet and the website I made the config for had Recaptcha but I found a way to bypass that via CapMonster..

    Anyway the problem I'm currently facing is that valid accounts get the result of fail in OB Debugger and believe me I have changed the Key Check for them a million times

    Everytime I modify one Key Check for them they both get valid or invalid, you can't tell them apart (made a video for better understanding).

    Also I noticed that the page in the OB Debugger (HTML view) stays the same if the account is valid (it does not login so I can't set the Key Check for "Logout" or any other key to make it visible as a hit) so in my opinion I think this is where the whole problem is.
    Funny thing is that if the account in invalid it works as it should have.

    Screenshot with valid account (removed user:pass from photo tho):

    My guess is that I made a mistake along the way but the problem is I can't figure out where.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you for the time spent in reading this !

    I also want to mention that I searched a bit the forum before making a thread for this subject but I didn't find something similar to my problem.

  • Check if your post data is correct or not,

  • Thank you for the reply, in my opinion I took the correct data, the thing is that once the login is successful the website redirects me to the "home" and there a lot of webpage fragments that get loaded until I get there

    I think the problem are the redirects but I don't know which one to follow and where to put the data from them

  • Donator

    you can disable redirects in the request block maybe that might help

  • So I got it working in the end..the website was redirecting after login to msn website (no idea why).
    Apparently I had to make a second request to the home page since I already logged in, now the home page loads well.
    Appreciate the help !

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