How to a variable that needs to be loaded with the wordlist

  • Let's say the post data of my own website is


    How would I call the variable 99, that would be the year that I was born? Since OB only takes user/mail:pass

  • I jerry-rigged it, by adding a "-" after the password in the wordlist, separating the birth and the pass, and then parsing the PASS and separating it in new variables.

    PARSE "<PASS>" LR "" "-" -> VAR "PASS2" 
    PARSE "<PASS>" LR "-" "" -> VAR "BIRTH" 

    But is there a more elegant way?

  • Admin

    Yes, add a new wordlist type in your Environment.ini with 3 slices instead of 2. As simple as that.

  • @Ruri Didn't know about this, oof. Thanks!

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