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how to make config and what requirements are required

  • hey so i have been disturbed as i am about to finish selenium and i thought i will be able to make open bullet config now i really need anyone help how to make a config and please tell me the syntax and everything please take you 10 to 15 mins of day and post it here not only it will help me but also the needy not tryna be greedy but alot of people want to know where to start what all is required and after etc

  • Admin

    Have you checked out the wiki first? Also you can find plenty of tutorials online

  • i mean i check the tutorials by nalon and all but thats all for illegal websites like i mean they will not even teach that properly like it not very clear if u have any recommended youtube video please link it or any doc

  • Admin

    Well, even if they are for illegal sites the procedure should be about the same for other websites as well, so I think it's a good starting point.

  • ya but i tired doing it that way like they have some similarities but still i mean alot goes in it they are very basic like if there is any elaborate doc also would be good

  • the docs show everything clear(how I make my configs) it's unclear what your asking?

  • ya i checked the docs thanks man
    but cant i use selenium also like even that can work rite ??

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