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Help me fix this please.

  • Hello everyone, I'm new here and I need some help.
    so this is the config that I am working on, and when I try to get the capture data it says Authorization header not provided, but if I put this one of an account it gives me the same capture for each account, my question is how do I parse this Authorization header, hope you help me and thanks in advance.


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    We had a private conversation and i helped with his problem. he used the same authorization basic hash for the get request thats why he always got the same response. the steps to solve this problem is to base64decode the hash to see which values it uses it was token:sha2-256 hash. you get the sha hash on the first request so all i did was parsing the hash and base64 encode that with the prefix token: and parse it into the authorization header 🙂

  • @Itamai Thank you so much bro, you do really helped me, God bless you

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    Please next time post in questions not in guides

  • @Ruri My mistake, I'm new here and I haven't read the rules yet, sorry.

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