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Update 1.2.1 Changelog

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    Hello everyone,

    this will be the second crowdfunded update of OpenBullet. If you want to read the motivations behind this, please refer to this thread.

    I will list all the features and fixes that have been already developed and ready for release once the goal is met. I will take into consideration the overflow donations for 1.2.0's goal so we start from about 0.0134 BTC already pledged.

    In order to donate, please check the widget in the homepage of the forum.


    Issues that have been coded and tested:
    A list of all issues can be found here

    Most important improvements (for the lazy ones):

    • Your Runner Manager session will be saved on exit (not if you ALT+F4) and restored when OB opens
    • Global exception catcher so when OB crashes it creates a Log.txt with the exact cause of the crash (you can post it on the forum to get better help on how to fix the issue)
    • UTILITY Folder Create/Exists + UTILITY File Copy/Move/Exists
    • Thread safe file access (no more IOExceptions)
    • Faster javascript interpreter
    • Less SSL errors when making requests
    • Search bar in Wordlist Manager and Selection
    • Old RSA is back (and working)
    • You can select TLS protocols (e.g. in some cases TLS 1.1 can bypass Cloudflare captcha page)
    • Plugins can now use OnPropertyChanged in properties to change a value on the UI and readonly textboxes are supported
    • and more...

    DISCLAIMER: Remember that all of this will be pushed as open source code, so you don't have any priviledge for donating other than helping the project stay alive.

    Thanks for your support!
    The OpenBullet team (Ruri, demiurgo and meinname).

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