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Wondering how to

  • I am attempting to tackle a problem using OB. I have a <USER> that comes from a list, and the password is incrememental of a 4 digit pin. I want OB to go to the next <USER> in the in the User list, if the 4 digit pin is successful and logging both the USER and PIN that was successful/ How would I go about doing that?

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    You can use global variables.
    Basically you want to:

    1. Check that combination
    2. If successful, store the username inside a global list (add it to the existing list)
    3. The bots must check if the username is already in the global list, if it is, they will fail immediately

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    If other people are interested in this, I can write a guide providing the LoliScript code to achieve this. Just give an upvote to this post if you want me to do it.

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    Alright I will write it, please give me a few days because I have my last exam and I don't have time to do anything apart from studying.

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    @neilrice8019 @Charles @lukesped @broken
    Ok I decided to write it real quick, I did not test it but you get the idea I hope.
    Of course you must generate the USER:PIN list in advance, generating them at runtime within OB is possible but complex and costly in terms of performance.

    ## We create the global variable (this is only executed if it doesn't exist)
    ## Check if the user is already in the USERS variable
    ## If it is, don't check the pin
    KEYCHECK BanOnToCheck=False
    		KEY "<USERS>" Contains "<USER>,"
    ## ===== Here do the requests you need to do =====
    ## Here we check for success, you could also use a keycheck instead of the IF
    IF "Success" EqualTo "True"
    ## We want to store the user in the global variable so it's not tried again

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