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302 Moved Temporarily

  • hi, when you enter a site wrong entry when entering 200 status code comes. and openbullet tries it smoothly. but when you enter the correct entry, you get 302 status code (redirect) and openbullet fails. (406) How do I fix this?

  • Admin

    Maybe some cookies are set during the redirect. Extreme.NET does not process those cookies so those might be causing the issue, please try doing the redirect manually and let me know if it works.

  • @Ruri going on manually. first check login then direct home or manual forwarding. but after a few wrong trial hit accounts fail. because it gives 406 first, then redirects to the homepage and fails. So it's impossible to fix it. Because the rope throws me. normally it gives 406 but later hit accounts also determine the bad result. sorry bad english

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