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Keycheck help

  • Hello, I wanted to know how I can insert a list in a keycheck for example :

    alt text

    I have a list of numbers alt text and I want to check everything on those 2 lists (could be more than 1 value) and if EVERYTHING on that list is equal to 0.00 USD or CAD it goes to custom.

    This doesnt work, alt text OB see it as NotEqualTo while it EqualTo.

    Thank you.

  • Admin

    The moment you type <usd> and usd is a list variable, it gets converted to a string like [$0.00 USD] which is different from $0.00 USD because of the square brackets.

    Have you tried something like this?

    SET VAR "usd" "$0.00 USD, $0.00 USD"
    UTILITY Variable "usd" Split "," -> VAR "usd2" 
    UTILITY List "usd2" RemoveValues Contains "$0.00" -> VAR "non-zero" 
    UTILITY List "non-zero" Length -> VAR "length" 
      KEYCHAIN Custom "CUSTOM" OR 
        KEY "<length>" EqualTo "0" 

  • @Ruri much love sir, keep up the good work ♥

  • @Ruri on the first utility I get this message : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    I think the problem come from the fact that my [$0.00 USD, $0.00 USD] is a list and not a variable so it can't be splitted.

  • Admin

    @RandomFag the first two were used by me in order to recreate your list. You have the list already, so no need to do those 2 instructions! You can start from the RemoveValues one

  • @Ruri Exactly what I just did, thanks for the fast answer and have a wonderful day sir !

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