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Running multiple instances at once

  • Hi is it possible to run mutliple instances at once? I ask because sometimes my DB file gets too big, thanks

    Btw amazing program you made thank you for all your efforts

  • Admin

    Hey, just make more than 1 folder and put a copy of OB in each of them, because you cannot currently define which database file OB can use: it will always use the default OpenBullet.db located in the DB folder so there's no option for having more than 1 database and I'm not planning to add it.
    If you run multiple instances of the same exe they will operate on the same DB.

  • Mod

    @harry Yeah DBs get large over time. its gonna happen. take a peek at this thread as its mentioned.

    to the point Ruri made about multiple instances. you can run two of them side by side. one normally and the other through sandboxie. if you do it that way you can maintain their individual DBs/Hits/Combos ect .

  • Admin

    @B1rdY no need to use sandboxie, just make 2 separate folders and open 2 instances normally. Some programs block multiple instances so sandboxie does the trick, but OB works regardless.

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