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How to make or use Plugins

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    To use plugins made by others:
    Take the .dll file of the plugin and put it inside OpenBullet's Plugins directory. Any dependency of that plugin needs to go in a subfolder with the same name as the .dll file (without the extension of course).

    Example folder structure:

    To make plugins:
    Clone this repo and read the commented code, it will explain everything you need to know in order to create a plugin that other people can use.

    Known issues:
    If OpenBullet fails to start after you exported your plugin and placed it into the correct folder, you need to right-click the .dll file, go to properties and "unlock it", as windows defender might mark it as malicious.

  • i got this error after adding a plugin :
    the color Red in block MEGANZ is invalid

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    @hata its a conflict with the anomaly plugin you are using. quick solution is to recompile the anom plugin without the "Megablock.cs" file.

    alt text

  • That's what I did to use demi's plugins and Anomaly ones.

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    @Br4uN bro how 2 run .py file in shell plugin .any help please

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