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Capture All Cookies

  • How do I capture these cookies

    Cookie: XSRF-TOKEN=14cf03763be202747e4f7c8e85bfb355fbfd7c72a2172532; _ga=GA1.2.73919315.1584430455; _gid=GA1.2.72943880.1584430455; _gac_UA-60520689-1=1.1584430455.EAIaIQobChMI2Z2Nr_-g6AIVA9tkCh3eVA74EAAYAiAAEgI9lPD_BwE; _gat=1; _vwo_uuid_v2=DAB6D40406F3A6F12B3417A99EFECD357|975dd127ff932cdbfe3e39db85aa5483; _gcl_aw=GCL.1584430455.EAIaIQobChMI2Z2Nr_-g6AIVA9tkCh3eVA74EAAYAiAAEgI9lPD_BwE; _vis_opt_s=1%7C; _vis_opt_test_cookie=1; _vwo_uuid=DAB6D40406F3A6F12B3417A99EFECD357; _vwo_sn=0%3A1; _vwo_ds=3%3Aa_0%2Ct_0%3A0%241584430454%3A12.42939951%3A%3A2_0%3A3_0%2C2_0%3A0; _fbp=fb.1.1584430457077.51344489; user=%7B%7D; allow_cookies=1584430460805

    I tried
    <COOKIES(name)> but this only captures 1 and duplicating them doesn't help.

    I need to capture each cookie for further use.

    Thank you.

  • Banned

    and so on
    new parse block each

  • Donator

    you probably dont need every cookie.
    and you need to find the request where the cookies are set. then replicate the request in ob and parse them.

  • Admin

    OB Automatically parses cookies sent in the Cookie header, unless they are given to you in a request in the middle of a redirection, in that case untick auto-redirect and do the requests manually.

  • I tried this with both capital H and lowercase
    It's not working

  • try capturing the headers if u have issue capturing them individually

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