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Prevent retries

  • I'm trying to build a config that never submits any retries. I've disabled the "Insta Ban 4xx" and "Ban if no key found" buttons. I don't have any KeyChain blocks than BAN or RETRY. I only have a chain for FAIL and SUCCESS, in that order. I am not using proxies.

    With the above settings, all requests should result in Fail, Success, None or Error. However when a runner runs I get approximately the same amount of Retries as initial tries. Example of results:

    Total: 50373
    Hits: 6
    Bad: 50367
    Retries: 41755

    What can I do to have zero retries?

    OB version is 1.1.3. But the same thing happens with 1.1.5.
    .NET framework is 4.8
    OS is Windows 7

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    that is because you dont get any response or response errors back from the requests you make. you can deactivate that in config manager -> other options -> requests but that would not be smart because you would basically skip your requests

  • @Itamai Thanks! Yeah if I check that option, around half of requests go to ToCheck and the other half are Bad. With no Hits.

  • @Itamai I also noticed that reducing the number of bots drastically reduces the number of retries per request. E.g. with only 50 bots, I only got 40 retries per 500 requests.

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    @3nzio and with 200 bots with 500 requests you have more retries? maybe the site blocks to much traffic. you could reduce retries with better proxies but you cant reduce is by just changing options in openbullet . for example if you try to scrape sites like netflix with public proxies you will probably get 500 retries in 502 requests because they have a good firewall. the only time where you can reduce retries is to check if your keycheck has every success and fail key when you have missing fail or success key the bot will automatically go to ban if you have "ban when no key found".

  • I think if you are not banning any proxies or not using retry keys.
    You probably use public proxies that are not working or too high ping(slow)
    Anyways public proxies will always have retries because they sometimes work and sometimes not depending on the huge overuse lol

  • Thanks all for the responses. I enabled debugging/logging in OpenBullet and there are two causes of errors I get, resulting in retries :

    1. 500 Server Error when certain bad input is used - that's an issue with my wordlist so that's fine. I even put in a key check to catch this condition and ignore
    2. Time out error on OpenBullet - "Exception: It turned out wait for a connection to the HTTP-server"

    No. 2 happens with/without proxies. I believe it's due to excessive HTTP requests, that's maybe why fewer bots cause a lower retry-rate, even though CPM (checks per minute) is almost the same.

    Right now I'm simply using fewer bots, around 30 instead of 200, to get fewer retries.

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    @3nzio c65e6137-7b54-4172-b708-a1c2ee6cbef1-image.png

    you could use this for your wordlist problem with this you could set a rule which filters the bad lines out. Slice Name is the variable name but without the <> signs.

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