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Cloud another way

  • hi
    is there any other way to solve the cloud with captcha ??cuz cloudflare bypasser of ob is deactived for along time

  • Donator

    @evangel didnt you read the announcements and changelog? i mean its right on the front page above the shoutbox it is hard to miss 😄 the new version, which will be released today, fixes the cloudfare issue but not completely.

    Quote from changelog:
    In addition, we switched from Leaf.xNet to CloudflareSolverRe and fixed the multithreading issue, so now at least the CloudFlare Bypass is usable in some cases. Please check your proxies before using them. More improvements will come in future updates.

  • @Itamai i know babe.i meant to find a way to dont need use that,cuz i think cloudflare some types using recaptcha,so i think maybe there be a way for that to use recaptcha request to can cross above that

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