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OpenBullet - Crowdfunding

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    TL;DR: I cannot afford to keep updating OpenBullet for free for everyone as often as I used to.

    Hello everyone, it's Ruri, the one and only developer of OpenBullet.

    As you might have noticed, there are lots and lots of issues on github that need to be resolved, many of which point out bugs that need to be fixed, while other are nice ideas for new features. The time it takes to debug and fix the problems is taken from the private life of myself and my two collaborators (meinname and demiurgo) and all of us are currently working for free. Time is a rare commodity, especially if you work and/or study, and I find less and less time to code OpenBullet.

    Aside from this, I am also losing motivation as I'm not personally using OpenBullet anymore and there haven't been many donations to the BTC wallet in the past months. Since I want to be completely transparent with you, part of the money I got from donations was spent to cover the monthly expenses for the hosting package of the forum and the yearly fee of the domain.

    As I previously said, I am a solo dev, as my collaborators cannot code, so I end up having to take time out of my already busy day to fix bugs and implement features for a software I don't even use. When I open sourced it, I expected other developers to contribute, but that was sadly too optimistic, since only a very small part of people even tried to add code to the project.

    In the current state of things, I just feel like quitting the development completely or keep it to a bare minimum, but I am sad to let a successful project die.

    This is the reason why I decided to adopt a crowdfunding model for extra features and bug fixes from now on.
    Here's how it will work.

    • I will state EXACTLY what I plan to ADD or FIX in each update (basing on github issues).
    • I will set a donation goal to reach for the release of the update.
    • Goals will consist in a specific BTC amount, so the respective value in dollars is subject to change over time. You can monitor it through the widget anyways.
    • The additions and fixes will be already developed and tested once I set the goal, so you can be 100% sure they will be delivered once the goal is met.
    • I will accept donations to a bitcoin wallet whose balance can be monitored via the forum homepage thanks to a simple widget I already made.
    • When the goal is reached, the features and fixes will be delivered in a completely OPEN SOURCE way on github.
    • You will not gain any special perks by donating, but donations are essential to keep this project alive.
    • Before some people get confused, I want to clarify that donations to OpenBullet Mods DO NOT count towards the update goals of the official version.

    This way we can keep ourselves motivated (and fed) while you get your issues solved and your suggestions implemented. I think I'm speaking on behalf of all of us by saying that I really want this software to not become obsolete and instead be updated and improved regularly. Me and my team would really like this to become a small part time job where we can actually feel rewarded for the work we put in to code, test and assist the community.

    I decided to include all the donations starting from Jan 2020 in the first goal, to show my appreciation to those who decided to donate to keep OpenBullet alive.

    Now it's your turn, the future of this project is in your hands and I will agree whether you choose to donate or not.
    Finally I wanted to add that this is not a make or break change, I will still be able to update OB from time to time if nobody decided to pledge, but updates will be small and come at a much slower pace. Let's see how this goes and we'll see where to go from there!

    Stay awesome,


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