• Hello,
    From the documentation :

    GCOOKIES - Sets cookies from the local cookie jar into the global cookie jar

    Let's say i use selenium to navigate to a page, get all cookies, and close the browser.
    in order to use the cookies in all the bots now, all i have to do is :


    So the config will be :
    check if my cookies exists,
    IF yes then go ahead
    ELSE navigate to the page, get the cookies with selenium, SET GCOOKIES, jump back to the begining

    is that correct ?

  • Admin

    Well, the local cookie jar is only for requests, so if you want to use selenium you have to

    • Get the cookies with selenium (like navigate to a page, login etc.)
    • Transfer the cookies from selenium to the local cookie jar through Function block GetCookies (or SetCookies i don't remember which one)
    • Finally use SET GCOOKIES so that local cookies in the local jar will go to the global jar

    Once they are in the global jar, any bot that starts a new data line will take the global cookies and set them in their local jar so they will already have the authentication cookies and they can simply go to the requested page without any issue.

    Of course you should coordinate this so that if a certain cookie does not exist (IF <COOKIES(mycookie)> DoesNotExist) you will go grab the cookies, otherwise (ELSE) you will simply use them as they are already set

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