can anyone code this signature for OpenBullet | all info given

  • Signature Method
    Steps to sign a GET request
    1. Query string is
    queryStr = "name=joao&cpf=123456&birthday=2017-08-01"
    2. Encode the query string and sort parameter name following ASCII order.
    sort(urlencode(queryStr)) // birthday=2017-08-01&cpf=123456&name=joao
    3. Generate the "Query String" as format {Request Method}\n{Request URL}\n{Sorted Query Parameters}\n{TimeStamp}
    signStr = GET\n/v1/order/get\nbirthday=2017-08-01&cpf=123456&name=joao\n1564988445199
    4. Use the string generated in step 3 and your "SecretKey" to create a signature
    sign = hmac_sha256(signStr,SecretKey)

    can anyone just give me th code which i can just add in OB,thus i can also learn from it.Thank you very much.

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