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Proxy with pass?

  • I wonder if the OB can crack a proxy with user and pass? if it can, any suggestions for its setting. Thanks

  • Admin

    What? I don't understand

  • Thanks, ruri
    A proxy like, but it needs username and pass to use.
    I wonder if ob can crack this proxy using the given combos to find a valid accounts. can not figure out how to build this config.

  • Admin

    Hm, OB was not designed to be able to do this, although it's an interesting scenario. The only way I see possible is through the SET PROXY command in LoliScript to set host:port:<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD> and tick "ignore errors on requests" in the config other options, that way you can see if a proxy error occurs and in that case it would mean that the proxy refused connection and hence the credentials are wrong.

  • nice share thanks much

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