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Parse hidden token

  • Hello, how to parse a hidden token?, in the source code of the website shows --> name="token" value=""> --> no value inside the quotes, but in the POST Data there is a value, a numbers. Thanks.

  • Admin

    Parse block -> CSS Selector
    Selector: [name=token]
    Attribute: value

  • Thanks for your reply, but is not working, is not parsing the hidden token.

  • Admin

    Ah damn I didn't read the part where you said there is nothing in the quotes. Please look at ALL requests that go on in chrome's network monitor tool, the token is probably sent on another request. Sometimes you could also find it in a small js snippet that comes inside the HTML page.

  • Hi ruri,
    Can the CSS parse this kind of keywords like the value of uniqueid??

    <input type="hidden" name="hardwareid">
    <script>document.write("<input type=hidden name="uniqueid" value=""+generateRandomAlphaNum(16)+"">");</script>
    <div id="vpn_hardwareid_div"></div>

    thanks much

  • Admin

    That function, at a first look, is responsible to generate a random alphanumeric 16-character token so in this case you should really use OB's RandomString function to generate what you want. Seems like you don't need to parse a token from the page, you just need to generate a random one and the site will accept it.

  • Thanks ruri, I will try it out

  • I have tried to use Function RandomString, but nothing comes out. Something is wrong.
    How to put in the blank, Input String? thanks much

  • Admin

    At the bottom of the block there is a small legend you can follow to understand how to use it

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