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Open Bullet telegram channel??

  • I am wondering to know if this is a reliable Open Bullet telegram channel? It seems like the files got the virus injected, but I am not 100% sure about it. [REMOVED]

  • Admin

    I was not even aware of that being a thing and it's for sure not official. I will remove the link before it gets associated to this forum in any way

  • @Ruri are you considering making a discord/telegram that is official and moderated like it should be

  • Admin

    I don't have the time do moderate, and knowing people a lot of crackers would join so I'd rather not do that.

  • @Ruri What if we make one with the right moderating team (so you dont have to do that yourself) and make it invite only for people who have knowledge in loliscript and atleast now how to make configs. That will make it way more interesting, and just add rules like no accounts etc etc or other cracking related stuff.

  • Admin

    In that case I'd rather use discord than telegram to be honest, but right now I have no plans to do have any official chats. The github and forum are more than enough. If you want you are free to make your own chat server but please don't call it official thanks.

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