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Captcha change + screenshot

  • hi
    i have 2 question
    what can do when in some websites the normal captcha will change in source??
    i mean captcha img url is diffrent with what there is in source page,then when openbullet make that url parse,it solves wrong capture,its not stability

    2- when i want to use a element actionn in selenium to make screenshot from the captcha image.if it dont have any id,name,how can i make it sc??
    example :

    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="merchant_id" VALUE="3856">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="partner_id" VALUE="1">
                (captcha url)<IMG SRC="" ALT="Secure Bitmap" style="width:90;height:40;"><BR>
                <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="code" SIZE="15" placeholder="Enter Code Above">
                <INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="images/submit.gif">

  • Admin

    1 - Capture the URL and then use it as a variable in the CAPTCHA block.
    2 - Please read my CSS Selector guide on this forum, it will help you understand how to do it

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