Recaptcha on header in selenium

  • hi
    i know how to use recaptcha solvation in selenium
    but i want know how to use if recaptcha be in HEADER not in source

    like be " x-recaptcha : " in header
    what json code need to use to solved captcha be inject in this parameter of header??

  • Admin

    I'd really need to see some example

  • @Ruri
    ah i cant send the site here think its forbidden

    but like

    in request header it its :

    content type ;
    x-Recaptcha: (the respons solved captcha codes)

    instead to it be inside the post data,its there in header

  • Admin

    Yeah no problem at all, just take your variable with the solved recaptcha challenge and put it in the custom headers field like X-Recaptcha: <SOLUTION>

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