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LM or MySQL < version 4.1 Hash Encoder

  • As my site Use mysql hash to encrypt pass and Openbullet doesn't have that kinda function,Is there will be a update to encrypt hash for mysql? or any site that encrypt to mysql? i didn't found one.Hope i get help for this one.

  • Admin

    Hey, by going to this website and looking at the sources, you can easily see how a MySQL hash is generated

    $(function () {
        mkTool('mysql-password', function (text) {
            var x1 = CryptoJS.SHA1(text);
            var x2 = CryptoJS.SHA1(x1);
            var pass = '*' + x2;
            return pass.toUpperCase();

    This can easily be replicated with blocks, let me know if you have any trouble!

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