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Cookies are acting weird on request vs. selenium browser

  • So i've been messing around with openbullet and I noticed that when using the selenium webbrowser I have access to 5 cookies but when performing the same exact actions using a get request only 1 cookie shows up

    Does anyone know why this happens?

    I can clarify this a but further if its unclear..

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Admin

    A browser might perform a lot more requests under the hood, not just a simple GET to the website you see (the extra requests are triggered by the first page's javascript so you cannot have them with manual requests). You should sniff the traffic with chrome's debugger tools (network tab) and see the extra requests that are performed.

  • @Ruri I've checked this but it seems like there isn't an different requests which returns the desired data

    This is the response header from google chrome:


    And these are the response headers I get back in openbullet which seems to be a mismatch


  • Admin

    Maybe on chrome you are already logged in / you have cookies from a previous session? Have you tried in incognito mode?

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