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Random Numbers Problem

  • Hello,

    I am currently making a bot that visits random pages to get credits on a game.

    I got the whole randomnum and how it works!
    The link looks like this:<randomnum>

    It works very well but i am having this problem now:

    It sometimes visits the same page and that makes the bot very slow,.

    My question:

    How do i make it so it doesnt generate a number that has already been generated before?

    Some general info about the project:

    • Selenium based
    • I have absolutely no idea how to fix it. I tried doing it with loliscript but i didnt succeed. I dont have alot of knowledge about loliscript. Thanks

  • Admin

    Hey, have you thought about pre-generating the list (we will call it wordlist) and running multiple browsers at the same time (in the runner) with that wordlist so that each bot will pick one line and they will all be different?
    If you want to keep using the random number, let me know if you are doing this directly in the debugger or in the runner on multiple threads and I'll try to help you.

  • @Ruri Yes, but i still need the main accounts to log in (its constantly 1 account and just spammed it like 10k times in a wordlist) so i dont know if i can use a secondary combolist? Thanks for responding.

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    i would have the idea to work with an extra file and utility blocks.

    generate random number
    check if number is already in your file
    if not then append the number to your file and use the number for your request
    if it is in your file
    set bot status retry

    the only part that slow this one down is this one here
    check if number is already in your file
    because it needs to cycle through every line in your file
    or ruri could make a collection which stores every generated number/string for that session and deletes it afterwards. but i dont know how hard it would be to make this and how different the performance is from my first idea

  • Admin

    @Itamai that's a good idea but currently files are not thread safe (there's no lock) so I can see some bots failing if you do that 😕

  • So @Itamai is there a different way to do it? Like adding a regex? I tried it but it killed the bot? (cycles within 1 sec to end of combo) all i did was adding a new type to my enviroment. the new type looks like:

    Regex=^[email protected]:.$:^[0-9]$

    That doesnt work. It stops the runner immiditealy after starting.
    Also, @Ruri i am only running about 4 to 5 bots, so i dont think it would fail. i also run on a rdp.

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    @Ruri said in Random Numbers Problem:

    @Itamai that's a good idea but currently files are not thread safe (there's no lock) so I can see some bots failing if you do that 😕

    i knew i forgot something while writing my idea 😂
    How hard would it be to implement this feature for openbullet with multi thread support?

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    im not very good with regex but try this.

  • Admin

    Please @Itamai use this when you type regex, the star symbol is reserved for italic in markdown so it won't work if someone copy pastes it.
    And @KluisjesKlaren your regex is not correct, $ means "match the end of the line" so you cannot have one in the middle of your line! You must remove the middle one.

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