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how to use the INPUT dialog box

  • Hello,
    The documentation is laking some info about how to use the INPUT dialog box in OB, i don't know if it's a bug but when i use it my variables are created as far as i can see in the logs but they are not sent in my request

    when i copy the cookie variable in the Cookie field and i save the config, the variable is deleted from the cookie field
    even doing it in the custom header field is not working.

    what am i doing wrong ??

  • ok i found that the variable name in the "variable name:" field must be without the <>, as it's a name...

  • Admin

    You cannot type cookies with ; between each. You have to type one per line using the name: value syntax.

  • in the custom header field ??? it will not be considered a cookie but a custom header.

  • Admin

    I don't know how it will behave if you do that in headers. I separated them on purpose so you should use the custom cookies box, DO NOT use the headers directly. If you want to work on the HTTP request and have 100% control on it, then use the TCP block and write it by hand.

  • Admin

    Also the thing you're doing wrong is that in the Inputs tab you have to specify the variable name WITHOUT the angle brackets, it's only asking for the NAME of the variable it doesn't have to replace it with anything! Please read better!

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