skip the block??

    I do not know why the function block can not be execute and stop at the parse block. Try many times and not continue yet. Is it a bug?
    thanks any suggestions.!

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  • thanks rui,
    any suggestions??

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    The image appears as 50 pixels wide on my screen, I literally cannot see the error, can you paste it here?

  • My bro, how to paste the image in? I try many times, it can not show up

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    Copy the image (right clik -> copy) the big version from lightshot. Click on "reply" and hit CTRL+V, it will be automatically uploaded and posted. Or just use imgur or another host, lightshot literally never works for me, no idea why 😞

  • I am trying upload. So slow my bro, rui

    how about these images, my bro
    cannot paste the images automatically here

  • ![][email protected]_P%[email protected]_P$C3]H.png](/assets/uploads/files/1581560371274-d33-4_p-7d-6-ee_p-c3-h-resized.png)
    ![[email protected])%$6F${@U$IWR{`N.png

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    Mate the picture is so small, can you just copy the red text on here? It's gonna be MUCH easier ^_^

  • I changed mail:pass to User:pass. the error is still there.

    <body style="display: none">
    <--- Executing Block PARSE --->
    Parsed variable | Name: v | Value: 1dd75baa-fe0e-4e3f-9d2a-5f668b11577e\u0026username=\u0026wa=wsignin1.0\u0026wtrealm=urn%3afederation%3aMicrosoftOnline\u0026wctx=estsredirect%3d2%26estsrequest%3drQIIAY2Rv2_TQACFc3Fq2ghB-SHBgujA1Mr2-ez4bEsI2UmqRoGEJIXUZogSx-ckTnImttvEQ2ckhNSJoRJCYoyYWEAMDIyduiH1L0BMFRMTIhELW3nDpzc-fW-TEXlRvwf_BnFLcpAQkXPcZfsnk-vZ9fmzb3eu_H5QebPZIi-vNQ-PwY0wirvuOOJp1PYo33b4cTIHd3tRFIS6INA4GlLq85SQvuPyDh0J9KAtfALgFIB5GisSFrGYw5KKNC2XUxTMt7GCZFHKcXKHSJyc0zqc1lUJh2SswI5Lui4kZ-mrVSOOemgJOukn7s_0GqGTUSugYXTMTAtOjIuW4RUNsw7zdugNNMnkmoZn-kV50Bto9bKa2FYy3beHTdxzLatRLZi-t41mj4yS5xeVHXFKdw7i3XGv1LTqDTTIu365255FTysYuzUZSs_3Qi4gVjCFyZ5fHT1pkdCcM__l8gPDLlSM6PiEYWngjvvd0wz4kbkMGX11Nbueup3aSP3KgHcrC-cft5S3h1_PK69e33qP9r-kTlaELVyQH5fzJTsMSSJs27XZzCcPkxoWm4JSNiw1mAzihqwOd-X7si4eseCIZb-z4JwFLy6lPq9ddM9Z9iaCaDEZcaK0AZGOJB2q9h81


  • 1.png

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    I honestly don't know what's the issue 😕 It's really weird that it's skipping a block, it never happened to me.

  • can you click on the bottom left "switch to loliscript" and make a picture of the script? really weird that it stops after the parse block
    or maybe i just saw on the second last picture that your requests ended after 93 seconds. maybe the timeout kicks in

  • here is the script from the config. my bro

  • @Ruri he send me the config via private chat. it works if you step through the config but if you step too fast it stops again at the parsing block. if you disable auto redirect on first block it goes through but it has different response source so he needs to have auto redirect tested without sbs.
    i deactivated auto redirect and created a second request block which has the Location header as url but that didnt change anything 😄

    so while writing this i also think that it has to do something with the request block instead of the parse block i used a random function after the first request and without sbs it executes always the next block after request and then stops.

    Content Length of the request block is 89211 if that is important

    and config works in the runner without problems. so you should step through to debug the config 🙂

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    Very interesting, most likely it has to do with the heavy amount of text the textbox has to display! So it's not something that can be fixed without switching to another textbox implementation or adding a "hide response source in log" option.

  • thanks ruri and Itamai, so nice you guys for answering any questions, even if "stupid" one.
    My suggestion is: add a timeout control in the REQUEST block
    How about enable JAVA in the block?

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    Sorry what do you mean with "enable JAVA in the block"?

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