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Need an explanation of "To check"

  • I couldn't find an explanation of this in the documention so I thought I'd ask here.
    What does it really mean?

    P.S. every page of the forum needs a refresh to actually load otherwise it's stuck loading. Is this only happening for me?

  • Admin

    I don't have any problems with the forum, so I think it's just you.
    Anyways, the bot will start with a default status of NONE. If that remains as the final status after processing all blocks, OB will mark your data as TOCHECK, since it didn't match any of the keys you provided in your keycheck blocks. If you are getting this as a result of many bans in your config, you should disable the "Loop Evasion" in the settings.

  • So if I get this correctly if ban on no key found is enabled and the data doesn't match any defined keys it will be marked as TOCHECK? What if I don't ban on no key match?
    The way I thought it worked is that ban on no key match would be marked as BAD and if I'm not banning it would be TOCHECK. I'm confused now...

    Also how to force capture for FREE key results?

    P.S. Could you please point me to the correct direction on how to use JS in configs? I tried it and I always get browser not running or something with both Chrome and FF.

  • Now that I had a look at the data marked as NONE I see that all of them invariably contain the "%" symbol (Either user or pass or both) so could this be a bug?

  • Admin

    Try to use data containing a % in the debugger and see what the site responds. You probably just miss a keyword ^_^

  • Figured it out, Encode Content must be checked. Maybe it'd be a good idea to automatically do this for data that contain special characters such as %.

    Can you please clarify the behaviour of Ban if no key found? Shouldn't it mark the data as FAIL?

    Is there any way to force capture for FREE?

  • Admin

    Ban if no key found was added for bad proxies that display a captive portal page or stuff like that, so that if the response source doesn't have any of the key you put in, the proxy just gets banned and it retries with a new one. If the bans keep coming, the ban loop evasion will finally mark the data as To Check and it will be skipped. To force a status you can set it SET STATUS FAIL or SET STATUS CUSTOM "MyCustomStatusName"

  • I understand now, thank you. Although I see no Loop Evasion in the settings.
    Should I open feature requests on github for what I've proposed in my last post? Or you also consider what is posted here?

  • Admin

    No please do not open an issue for that

  • So there's a way to tell the config to continue with the capture if the result is FREE?
    It only continues when the result is SUCCESS otherwise it skips the rest of the blocks.

  • Admin

    No the execution can continue ONLY when the STATUS is SUCCESS or NONE

  • Well, then that's a feature I'd like to see in OP. There are times when capturing is needed for FREE or CUSTOM status.
    Can you please consider that?

  • Admin

    @Loli unless you open an issue about it, I will forget about this in 5 minutes time

  • I wanted to do that, but you said not to open an issue before.

  • Admin

    Oh right, because making that change is going to be a decent amount of work I guess, but yeah go ahead open it and we'll see ^_^ please be specific though, say that you want the bot to continue executing blocks even when the status is a custom one, and not only NONE or SUCCESS. Thanks.

  • I opened it before reading your last post -_-
    Hope it's clear enough.
    Thank you for considering it.

  • Admin

    You can always edit it you know 😄

  • Wow, I feel dumb now for overlooking such an obvious thing lol

  • @Loli But you can use IF ELSE statement as a Key Check and then JUMP to continue with the process right @Ruri? I think this is a work around until the feature get add ```

  • Admin

    Yes it's a workaround for sure

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