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Randomized sitekey/Openbullet crashing when responce source is read

  • Hello,
    I am having trouble using the recaptcha block in OB.
    I tried using auto sitekey to get the sitekey but I noticed a different one came out every time.
    I thought that I could probably just scrape the sitekey from the initial request to the website, but whenever I read response source OB crashes immediately. I'm able to run the config in the runner, but it fails on the recaptcha block with "Invalid session data".
    Any help or pointers would be appreciated

  • you need to check mark "Disable HTML View" on settings to avoid OB crash when testing a reCAPTCHA web site.

  • Donator

    i think the auto sitkey method is broken just copy paste it from the browser its easy to find. capture traffic from the site and then search the traffic after "sitekey"

    does it completely crash or just no response? sometimes it takes a pit to print everything on the debugger can take like 10-30 seconds 😄

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