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add login form

  • Anyone can help-me to add a login form in the open bullet?

  • Admin

    Hey, yes sure I will definitely help you!
    Can you provide more information like what backend do you have?

  • I have no idea where to start

  • start by taking a look on how php logins system works, then you will have to set up a host that will get used in OB, basically the whole login system will be codded in the server side, for OB all you gotta do is to add a login panel or (splashscreenas used to be in BB) and make it interact with the php gateway of your server.
    The easiest system is to make it return a success message if the user and pass does exist in your SQL database if not return the failure one, these keys will get checked later OB login panel, and another tip is to obfuscate your OB mod and block webdebuugers if you plan on releasing it, to prevent ppls from cracking/bypassing your login phase.

  • You could make an api for the login system in C# (, Python (Flask), NodeJS and any other supported coding languages. If you need any help with C# ( or Python (Flask) or have any questions feel free to ask them! I'll be happy to help!

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