could be the filepath a variable?

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    @Ruri I'm using the ElementAction to take a screenshot and them upload the img to another website using POST multipart but every screenshot is different file so path is a variable (unless I can make the name of the screenshot the same every time) but I don't know how to specified a variable path if I use a <mivariablepath> as a path on multipart content and debugger said "ERROR: Illegal characters in path."



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    Can you show the contents of the CA variable? Can you remove spaces in the multipart data?

  • @Ruri sorry to bother you, I posted a few more pic, if you need more info please let me know and thanks for answer all those selly questions 🙂

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    The Screenshot action does not save an image to a variable, it saves it to the screenshots folder. It was not meant for sending those pictures, it's just meant to save pictures of a website to the disk. There is an issue on github to expose the SCREENSHOT variable with the path to the screenshotted image so just follow that one until it's solved.

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